Making canine lives better and human

lives easier

Furry Frolics is a small, independent  dog training and walking business based in North Bristol. We are passionate about instilling and nurturing unbreakable bonds between dogs and their humans through positive training and a fulfilling lifestyle


Force-free, fun & fabulously effective training for the modern pet dog!

There are a lot of "buzz words" out there with regards to dog training and it can be difficult for owners to sift through the jargon and be sure they are making the right choice when they choose a trainer, whether that be for a new puppy, a new adult rescue dog, or an existing dog with an unwanted behaviour. Furry Frolics aims to talk in plain English and with a friendly approach to ensure owners always feel comfortable to ask about anything they don't understand.


Furry Frolics only uses techniques based on the latest behavioural science, and we are extremely proud to be force free trainers. This means that our methods do NOT include use of fear, pain, sensory discomfort or any devices which make use of these techniques (e.g. shock collars, prong collars, choke chains). The idea that dogs are pack animals and are therefore trying to dominate you to become your leader has been discredited by many scientific studies, and owners should be wary of trainers who promote this idea- besides, it's more fun for you and your dog to use positive, reward-based training methods. Reward-based training works, and also creates a better bond between you and your dog: it's a win-win situation!


Furry Frolics' main aim is not to turn your dog into a performing robot but rather to focus on developing important life skills, social skills and the ability to make great decisions that work for both human and dog. This approach will help your dog be set up for life in the fast-paced and sometimes confusing human world they live in.


We will look at the whole lifestyle of the dog in order to gain an understanding of what motivates him or her, and then build a training plan around the findings. The end result is a happier life for owner and dog.

Dog Walking

Furry Frolics has a fantastic reputation in North Bristol for providing an excellent dog walking service.

We achieve this by having a small team of professional walkers who all have a passion for understanding dog behaviour, while never forgetting the importance of providing top class customer services to our human clients.

All of our walkers partake in continuous professional development, and are fully insured, DBS-checked and qualified in Canine First Aid.

We walk dogs in small groups, with numbers and group members based on the  dogs' personalities and walker's experience levels, with an absolute maximum of five dogs per walk.

Solo walks are also available for dogs who have specific social, training or physical needs.