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Train at a time to suit YOU!

Our blended learning Canine Commitment Club combines convenience with real life coaching!

We know life gets busy and you're looking for convenience in every aspect of your life, including training your dog.

We also know it's far too easy to fall off the wagon when doing online-only courses.

The Canine Commitment Club's aim is to solve both these problems by combining bi-weekly video tutorials with a monthly in-person class, in a supportive club atmosphere.

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What's Included?


  • One monthly in-person class to get any hands-on coaching you may need

  • One monthly Mega-Challenge for real-life skills (e.g. recall, loose lead, settle, counter surfing etc etc). This will be broken down into several video tutorials throughout the month to ensure you progress properly through the steps.

  • A weekly Brain Game video tutorial. This could be anything from a fun trick, to scent work, to tracking to parkour to low-cost home brain training toys. Bye-bye bored dog, hello content canine!

  • Quick feedback on your own training video submissions

  • Certificates, rosettes & bandanas as you move through our one-of-a-kind points-based Grades system.

  • A private, hidden Facebook group of your fellow clubmates, only visible and accessible to members. The Club will be capped at 12 members.

  • Random mini-challenges, motivation help and tricks & tips to make living with a dog that bit easier

  • A fun, supportive club feel where you'll be encouraged & helped by three trainers and your clubmates

  • All this for only £25 per month!

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